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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ice dancing celebrity, Daniel Whiston, supports the fight to save the Brookdale Resource Centre

The Brookdale Resource Centre in Ainsdale, Southport had a special visitor (28/1/15) today.

Daniel Whiston (of Dancing on Ice fame) has known Mary Dixon since he was a child through their mutual involvement in ice skating in Blackpool. He has remained close to Mary’s family ever since and wanted to visit Mary and her daughter Jane while he was in Southport.

As Mary attended Brookdale today it was the most convenient place for them all to get together.

Having seen the benefits of Brookdale Daniel was horrified by the proposed closure and thought the facility and staff there were fabulous. He is behind the campaign to save the Brookdale 100%.

Our ‘Friends of Brookdale’ group thank Daniel for his great support.

Friends of Brookdale on Facebook:


Make Woodvale a Health Care area to be proud of!

The entire derelict area on Sandbrook Way/Road is currently a rundown nightmare. For some considerable time a few of us have been pressing hard for change and improvements. Many of the residents in this locality are elderly. However, the waste ground next to the Catholic Church on Sandbrook Way and the derelict Brook pub site could be sensibly utilised for additional building, not for offices or ‘more’ controversial supermarkets but to make further facilities for dementia/Alzheimer’s sufferers. In fact, I could visualise a whole thriving health community along with the existing Health and Wellbeing Centre and Brookdale in this Woodvale area with ample parking. We already have the expertise and parking space in Woodvale, which is ideally situated so why the blazes take it away to a more distant location?  The council really have NOT thought this one out properly.

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