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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Southport Tory, Councillor David Barton, in hot water over cheesy war tribute grin

News just out in Southport indicates that the Tories are once again embarking upon their traditional in-fighting fiasco. This seems to be a traditional Conservative pastime, mainly before elections.

Barton apparently went back to Southport's war memorial 'after' the service had finished yesterday to have his picture taken with a wreath. He has therefore deeply upset some folk, via his typical self-promotional tactics after he was pictured grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat at the Southport War Memorial.

The embarrassed Conservative Association apparently have said they,  "wont stand such acts of self promotion over such an emotional/respectful tribute"

Of course Cllr Barton's beaming grin is quite an 'habitual' issue and he is frequently seen smiling most profusely at each and every photographic opportunity.  Therefore, this latest smirk was probably quite an innocent, if not very naive, thing to do. It would appear that this eager young chap is receiving no proper training (or support)  in his political duties as an elected rep at all. 

Nevertheless, the Conservatives apparently wish to 'limit damage' with an expected apology possibly from Cllr Barton himself.

Perhaps this latest friction in bumbling Southport Tory ranks stems from the previous situation when Barton was clearly singing from an entirely  different hymn sheet to the other Tories (Jones/Hartill) over the Police Station closure situation?

Tory Leader, Cllr Terry Jones, never did tolerate 'dissent' in the ramshackle ranks or from anywhere else!

How interesting that today we have a local self-seeking Tory coterie that are happy to chastise this trusting political fledgeling about SELF PROMOTION, whilst they have previously supported or ignored Cllr Ted Hartill's activities.

Hartill had gone well beyond the call of duty to use the Woodvale  Woodland Project  (WWP) to shamelessly promote his private political agenda... 

In relation to WWP’s proposed press release over new WWP benches, Cllr Hartill stated the following to members in an email dated, 22 May 2013:

“I need to promote this as a good councillor Ted job. The other conservatives either don't do anything or don't tell anyone. As you know the lib dems tell everyone everything. Its why they are so popular in Southport.”

The term DOUBLE STANDARDS is quite apt here and the Southport Tories have made a complete mockery of themselves all 'by' themselves!

How far the Southport Press will take this is  another matter entirely, because so far they have been quite happy to keep residents totally in the dark about the buffoons within Southport's Tory circle.

NB. I note that some local website chat rooms are taking a hard-line stance against Cllr Barton for this political self promotion, yet the wider picture described above, over Conservative double standards regarding OTHER councillors, has clearly escaped many posters' attentions. 

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