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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Some years ago a serious matter of alleged racism involving a senior Tory official cropped up in Southport political circles 

In 2009 allegedly 'inappropriate remarks' were made by the Association Chairman’ Jackie Glover’ at a campaign meeting, which apparently shocked everybody present.

A Conservative candidate, and several others wrote in complaining at the time to senior Tory admin about Mrs Glover’s questionable conduct. The complaint was focused on Mrs Glover’s remark against a new candidate who was not white skinned.

Mrs Glover had allegedly voiced a controversial remark alluding to the new candidate's 'colour'. Several Conservatives present apparently heard the remark and could not believe their ears. Mrs Glover was immediately taken to task regarding her comments by others present at the meeting. An argument followed between Mrs Glover and those members shocked by her unguarded tirade. Several Conservatives wrote in complaining to Jackie Glover following her comments.

Guarded Apology from the Tory Chairman 

In April 2009 Jackie Glover in fact ‘apologised’ in-house, via email, for her remarks to some of those who were present at the meeting, whilst at the same time insisting that they were not meant to be racially prejudiced in nature.

NB all applicable data saved to substantiate accurate claims made. 

Above: Jackie Glover (ringed) delivering leaflets for the Southport Tories recently.

Above: Tory boss, Cllr Jones, today deliverers leaflets with Mrs Glover. This Ainsdale-based Tory chief  once 'complained' along with others about Mrs Glover’s alleged race slur.

More double standards in Tory Ranks 

Incidentally, a few years back Mrs Glover's spouse, Tom, was featured on the internet when his letter (below) was made widely available.

In this heated missive, Tom Glover (who was a Tory councillor at that time) really went for Cllr Terry Jones's  throat and accused him of being economical with the truth, being found wanting, etc . Yet today it's all great pals together with big beaming smiles on the doorstep. 

Tom Glover clearly stated here that Cllr Jones did 'not' adhere to the rules and constitution laid down by the party yet he's now happy to work alongside him; whilst delivering what they comically call truth rather than spin. What utter nonsense all this really is! 

So what is the trusting public to believe today? Politicians really do appear to think the public have short-term memories don't they? 

Mrs Glover made no attempt at all to deny the comments that she had made at that meeting. In fact in April 2009 Mrs Glover stated, via email, that her remarks were not "intended to be racist". She did however apologise to those who were at the meeting who took great exception to what she had said.

She also alluded to "Cllr Terrence Jones" who had complained about her remarks regarding a new member of the Association at the Campaign Meeting.

Above: Mrs Glover delivering Tory leaflets some time ago along with Jamie Halsall, Ainsdale's latest hopeful Tory candidate for the 2014 Election. 

Above: Jackie Glover (off-white coat) is today highly active, along with her husband, ex-Cllr Tom Glover, in the 2014 Election Conservative campaign.

It appears that Mrs Glover is also, once again, promoting young new candidates in Southport in the 2014 election campaign.

'Promoted by J.E. Glover on behalf of D. Barton both of 20 Bath Street, Southport' 

Today we regularly see Cllr Terry Jones the Southport Tory leader and his colleagues working alongside Mrs Glover as they quickly scurry from door to door seeking YOUR vote. 

I also note this recent post displayed on Southport Conservatives Facebook page, via twitter 

Southport Conservatives
February 13 via Twitter
  • 'Excellent campaign meeting tonight, thanks to ex cllr Tom Glover and wife Jackie for sharing their knowledge/experience on Winning elections'

In view of the 2009 fiasco will some people today possibly question the type of previous "knowledge/experience" that is apparently being utilised now by the Conservatives in Southport? I for one believe voters do have a right to know the truth behind these issues and that politicians should give us authentic  facts rather than cheesy, grinning, faces and typical mind-numbing spin on the doorstep!

So, Mrs Glover did make a type of apology yet was that sufficient under the circumstances and due to her official Tory position at that time? 

I believe the complaint against her escalated higher into official Tory ranks and that some Conservative brass did have 'words' with Mrs Glover to try to explain the implications/gravity of the alleged remarks, but what actually happened after that...?

So far as I am aware the Southport public were 'not' made aware of this disconcerting situation - why?

By the way, Cllr Jones is 'big' on threatening local residents, yet not very good at getting the factual grist together when fairly challenged. I wonder what party rules and regulations say about such questionable conduct by this leading politician against residents? 

This shocking fiasco has now reached a local news website. Check it out here.

Dealing with such serious matters as race allegations 'In-house' may seem acceptable to some, but is it the correct way forward in a modern, multicultural and pluralistic society? What can we learn from this?

The UK Public (the very people who politicians are canvassing so amicably for precious votes) most certainly 'do' have a right to know about such things! In any genuinely equal and democratic society we must never expect anything less! 

NB. All appropriate data is of course saved to corroborate claims made herein! 

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