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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Local Butterflies around Southport

Southport's  Butterflies are so attractive... 

Our lovely little hedge browns use to be called gatekeepers when I was a lad. Personally, I like the old name better. They are fantastic, no matter what we call them.

Another hedge brown, this time with open wings. 

This is a comma. Look for the small white letter under the ragged wings. 

Commas love the sun. This one is taking a rest. 

The meadow brown is a species of farm lands and grassy meadow. It may be dull in colouration but is lovely nevertheless. 

The skippers are butterflies that may be mistaken for a moth. They fly fast and dart from flower to flower like there's no tomorrow. 

It just would not be an English summer without the red admirals... 

The painted lady. 

The Grayling is a butterfly that loves the dry sand dunes of Ainsdale. 

The small copper is a favourite with many folks and is usually quite solitary in its habits. 

The peacock loves buddleia.

The speckled wood loves shaded edges of paths in forested places. 

Small tortoiseshells are also fond of the buddleia.

Male common blue 

Female common blue

Common blues love the flat grassy areas

NB. please remember that so-called 'weeds' like the common nettle and bramble are valuable plants to many of our butterfly species,  so spare a few in the garden for them. 

Pat Regan © 2013 

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