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Friday, 21 June 2013


21 June 2013, Update.

By Pat Regan

Summer Solstice UFO Interviews…

It has been a busy few hours. I got up early to do two radio interviews with the BBC.
The subject of Mod files is currently a ‘very’ hot one.

Subsequent to this, Andy Bonner interviewed me in the Woodvale woods (Southport, UK) for Granada News.

Andy is in fact a highly proficient TV interviewer and has vast experience over these things. His courteous nature is one that immediately puts the subject at ease and makes an interview a real pleasure.

We chatted at length about the UFO axis and latest MoD file release.

The TV interview is planned for viewing, I believe today, on 21 June 2013 at around 6.00 pm. However, it may also perhaps find its way onto YouTube, etc, later on.

I found all this quite surreal as I planted these trees some 40 years ago. I never expected to be talking to a TV crew in the same forest after all this time. Today, the woods are the subject on local community work that I enjoy helping out with.

Later on I did another UFO interview, via telephone, with my old pal Joe Thomas who is now a top reporter with the Wirral Echo newspaper.

Today’s UFO interviews have been interesting. I recall saying the following some years ago when the MoD was closing their UFO hotline and it is still pertinent today…

"Apparently the MoD’s UFO facility is being axed to save money. This is absurd as the staff members who have worked herein will most likely just be reassigned to other duties within the department. This closure therefore is false economy, a subterfuge to conceal authoritarian lethargy toward a vital issue and it will possibly be only a question of time until mounting public pressure demands that the MoD reopen this unique facility. We need to know what is flying though our skies – not ignoring the question."

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