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Friday, 8 February 2013

Southport Libdem MP John Pugh votes against same-sex marriage bill because he says it ‘weakens’ families...

What absolute mumbo jumbo this political spin-doctor speaks. He most certainly does not speak for us and our family. If two gay folk are in love and decide to marry, it will not ‘weaken’ our family one iota. 

Whatever culture credo or sexuality a person follows should not affect the next person. Is Dr Pugh not displaying Dark Age personal bias once again instead of supporting the rights of ‘all’ of his constituents?

Dr Pugh, as an ex-teacher and spokesperson for the town, should study the great significance of social diversity if he is to continue in his elected job role.
Dr Pugh was also quoted saying: Though personally I am tortured by the thought that I might be on the wrong side of history…

Well yes, then is it not time to move over and permit someone who is truly  in line with the ethos of proper equality and diversity in the 21st Century to do the job properly? Such Vatican-orientated thinking is not liberal and not democratic; in fact it is quite the reverse!

Mr Pugh also voices his displeasure with the “quadruple lock” protections for religious groups, saying: “No compromise will hold and religious tolerance will be reduced.”

Dr Pugh should not even be using such spin-related and pretentious terms when he apparently fails to grasp the significance of essential equality and diversity in the global village. If he believes in freedom of expression that he should be prepared to extend it to others.

Dr Pugh has no right whatsoever to lecture anyone about “religious tolerance” and the following clearly explains why!

We reiterate a widely published letter below that he was unable or unwilling to address.

Open letter to The UK media by Mrs Cath Regan

Friday, 22 April 2005

Regarding Dr John Pugh, Southport

To whom it may concern

Some time ago, Dr John Pugh, former MP for Southport attacked me in the local press. I am an ordinary mum of four and recent grandmother who has never done Dr Pugh any harm. How can the Libdems claim to represent multi-culturalism in society when Dr Pugh used religious discrimination to undermine me and shatter my life? 

Please consider the following points

  • Dr Pugh brought my private unorthodox religious beliefs into what was simply an ordinary secular campaign situation which made local front page news. I believe this was an attempt to belittle me using ancient religious hate stereotypes. This I believe was a breach on my human rights.

  • Subsequent to Pugh’s media attacks my life was utter hell. I run two well-respected pre-school facilities from church halls. I was forced each day to explain that I was just an ordinary mum and not some sort of religious crank to both parents and staff.

  • Dr Pugh’s assistant, Tony Dawson, was later exposed in the Oldham press for sending abusive messages on a Southport Chatroom forum.  I was attacked by this person over a period of several months. He was eventually banned from the forum. Many insults were religiously inflammatory and very misleading in the extreme.

  • I complained to Charles Kennedy the Libdem chief on several occasions about both the Pugh and Dawson attacks. Mr Kennedy promised to inform Dr Pugh of my growing concerns but nothing happened. I also informed the police. I have never had an apology from Dr Pugh for any of this.

  • Following all the unwarranted abuse against me I had a suspected miscarriage. I believe the stress of the ongoing situation contributed to my unfortunate condition.

Cath Regan

Local mum and dedicated children’s health campaigner



Pat and Cath Regan

Southport residents

Addendum: Tony Dawson is now an elected councillor in Southport. He however embarrassed Dr Pugh with certain offensive letters that he sent to the local press.

Tony Dawson has also featured in 'Dirty Politics' regarding matters relating to his chartroom comments, legal action and other issues....

For more data see ‘Dirty Politics.’  

UK edition

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