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Sunday, 21 October 2012

When a UFO is not a UFO - updated

Once again, a strange phenomenon has created suspected UFO activity that is exciting the UK media.

Mysterious rings in the sky have provoked many theories, yet I have actually seen these created myself at the time of their conception. The last one developed at a previous Southport Air Show, thanks to one of these passing Red Arrows aircraft.

This was the amazing result, as one jet flew past quite low but at high speed over my head...

It has also been noted that cannon fire (at military reenactments etc) can produce these smoke rings because, like a fast jet, it creates a sudden disturbance in the surrounding air, resulting in  a circular vortex.

I wrote the following some years ago....

When a UFO is not a UFO

The Daily Mail recently ran this following story on 19 October 2012:

‘Man photographs UFO floating in the clouds moments before ten dead birds 'mysteriously' appear in his neighbour's garden’

The cloud formation looked immediately familiar to me so I commented, as follows below, on the site page and also wrote to the editor of the Daily Mail about it.

“UFO research is a fascinating process. However, one has to be quick at times to identify phenomena that are of know and rational origin. One such phenomenon, that most people will possibly never experience, is the Fallstreak Hole or Punch Hole Cloud. It is supposed that a disturbance in the constancy of the cloud stratum, such as that created by a passing jet, may provoke the domino process of evaporation. This causes a bizarre hole to suddenly appear in a cloud. Fallstreak Holes appear as a globular or egg-shaped hole in a thin layer of super-cooled water clouds. They may occur where jet flight paths interlace with altocumulus layers.”

Pat Regan – North West UFO Research

I have covered Punch hole effects before on UFO Digest:

I may also add that ‘dead birds’, as mentioned within the article, may be additional evidence of super-fast aircraft activity.


Some things in our skies can be logically explained away, yet others can not...

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Perhaps these amazing cloud formations will appear once again at the next Southport Air Show, who knows?

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