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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ann Widdecombe: the Self Appointed Watch Dog of the Nation’s Morality

I have recently highlighted the type of intolerance that is dangerous to social harmony via blustering puritans such as Ann Widdecombe.

The media have to some extent happily painted this highly vocal Christian crusader as a righteous bastion of society who dares to buck the trend and speak up.

However, I feel that if she had attacked Muslims, Jews, etc in the similarly outrageous way that she has previously attacked innocent Pagans she would have quickly been taken down for promoting wholesale religious hatred.

She claims that Pagans are a “direct challenge to God.” Such a simplistic Disney-time worldview would be comical if it were not so sad.

I have news for Ann Widdecombe. The only “challenge” is NOT to her deity but to her brand of inflammatory fundamentalism!

Does this somewhat irresponsible female not realise that everything (feast days, traditions, saints, her favoured godhead, customs, etc) she holds to be sacrosanct within her Christian faith structure was originally hijacked from the earlier Pagan faith system?

Has Sister Widdecombe been so successfully indoctrinated and brainwashed by her chosen ecclesiastical convictions that she is unable to discern fact from fantasy herein? Such gross hypocrisy is amazing for someone who is regarded by many as so level-headed.

Widdecombe alleged that Pagans are “anti-establishment” in her absurd diatribe from 1995. Well, that is news to me as a Pagan individual who has devoted a great deal of time to assisting others in need in many ways.  Her fundamentalist Christian attitude is in fact anti-anti-establishment as it appears to call for social unrest against innocent Pagans and occultists. What sheer double standards this women promotes under the guise of sanctimonious convictions to tell us what is good for us!

She goes on to give the misleading impression that anything other than her sanctified brand of rubber-stamped Christianity is tantamount to being in league with the Devil…

Can anyone, other than the already converted (indoctrinated) faithful, believe such utter rubbish?

I say again that she needs to look to her own corner when we recall the amount of compensation paid to child victims of odious clergy abuse by her damaged Church.

Her type of preposterous ‘fire  and brimstone’ evangelical morality is the exact approach that whipped up the damaging Satanic Hoaxes in Rochdale, Orkney, Notts etc and has no place in any tolerant society.

Her resident fan club will not like me saying these things but someone had to! 

This particularly opinionated Catholic crusader  really needs to grow up – at least in a spiritual sense!

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