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Monday, 3 September 2012

Southport’s Lizards and Synchronicity

At certain times in life I have noticed a change of luck may occur when an unexpected stranger has crossed my path.
Call it what you will be I have had many instances, when fly fishing for instance, to put this down to sheer coincidence.
I recall once when fishing a tiny, bleak, Yorkshire stream. I had been unsuccessful for hours when suddenly I was startled by a lone old man who seemed to creep up on me from nowhere. As soon as the old chap walked over to my side I noticed a good brown trout rise to a hatching fly in the fast current. I instantly flicked my artificial dressing over the fish and it took the fly like a tiger. I was soon rewarded with a lovely specimen and the old man stated he had never seen such a beauty from this stream, even though he had lived by the river all his life. I was convinced he had changed my luck.


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