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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Realm of the Harvest Witch: September, the Mysteries and Herd Mentality!

Due to increased education and research etc, we are currently noticing greater disillusionment towards organised religions.  We may also perceive a growing amount of interest in witchcraft and our ancient Pagan traditions. However, in order to understand where mankind is going in any spiritual sense we must first explore issues that many would prefer to avoid.
We may learn a great deal from our mysterious legendary heritage, which was originally untainted before the inroads of monotheistic intolerance and trendy New Age mishmash.  Today, many seek to unshackle themselves from the repressive, subconscious, thrall of monotheistic mind-control. Some disillusioned individuals manage to partially achieve such spiritual independence, whilst the majority sadly do not.
Let’s examine this issue a little further...
Some myths, of a more primordial variety, were (and still are) an advantageous vehicle towards higher extrasensory insight for mankind. They were shrewdly developed over countless eons to educate evolving tribal structures on the psychic level.  However, some of the more contemporary ones (religious, political and social in nature) are not and have been deviously crafted by shrewd mind-controllers in high places to mislead the credulous masses.
The delusion I speak of runs extremely deep and many who exist under such an illusion of subconscious programming are blissfully ignorant of their own position. This merely proves how brilliantly successful these far-reaching psychological gambits have been in the first place. Many just never saw the subterfuge coming before it was too late; therefore, when such a ruse is pointed out to them, in good faith; their worldview caves in very quickly and their initial resentment rapidly turns to additional bitterness and anger. And more revealingly; the ones who shout the ‘loudest’ against such revelations are frequently the ones who have fallen out of the shaky old Confidence Tree most heavily.


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