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Friday, 24 August 2012

UFO: The Search for Truth (Volume 2)

 Latest extended 2012 edition, now available in paperback  

By Controversial Southport author, Pat Regan
 UFO: The Search for Truth by author Pat Regan asks the vital question:

           “Are we alone in the Universe”?

         Now at last North West UFO Research Founder, Pat Regan’s ground-breaking new book:  UFO: The Search for Truth takes this single and most critical enquiry to the next phase. UFO: The Search for Truth is the book that will change the way we observe our place in the Cosmos and world history.

But what do international experts say?

  “This book is no dry analysis of a quaint mystery. It's a muscular thesis that isn't afraid to take on the difficult issues and ask the questions that more traditional UFO researchers have avoided. Buckle up, readers, and get ready for one hell of a ride.” 
(World renowned UFOlogist, Nick Pope)

“Pat Regan's own first-hand experience and his research into the MoD UFO files make his book a very authoritative read.” (Bill Birnes, UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine)
  "Pat's authoritative research into the darkest corners of the UFO phenomena cuts right to the heart of the matter and is a long overdue assessment of this complex phenomena" 
(Andy Russell, Top UFO Researcher)

 "The field of Ufology can't have enough books that tackle these vexing issues head-on. Pat Regan's new book, UFO: The Search for Truth can now certainly be added to the list of those that provide new and valuable insights to those looking for the truth." 
(Lloyd Pye, Starchild Project)

Published by CanWriteWillWrite Publishers

Introduction by Nick Pope

·         Paperback: 436 pages
·         Language: English
·         ISBN-10: 1479149128
·         ISBN-13: 978-1479149124
·         Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches

UK Paperback version:

US Paperback version:

Also available in hardback version, etc from Amazon and many other links

Release date: 2012

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