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Friday, 31 August 2012

Global Warming or Wholesale Global Indoctrination on a Massive Scale

The question of alleged Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW) is highly divisive to say the least. Like any vicious civil war, it regrettably sets good friends and family against each other.
In the following article I shall try to dispel a few popular misconceptions in the sincere hope that greater clarification will develop.
Cultures on the whole are largely emotionally dependent on the religious worldviews that have created them. When we get down to intimately analysing the psychology ‘behind’ MMGW beliefs, we soon discover we are dealing with a subsidiary of biblical myth (end-time/ messianic ethos).  I am not alone in fielding this claim.
Three quarters of those who ‘believe’ in it have never identified or acknowledged the big difference between MMGW and climate change. This really is the vital crux of the matter. The ‘big difference’ I highlight here has unfortunately caught out many good and caring folk who have simply been unmindful to the major difference at hand!
The climate has always moved through dramatic cycles and some have been more significant than others. Today we find folks in one area of the planet crying out for drier weather, whilst others say: ‘please send the rains this way as our land is parched and dying’. This summer for instance is set to be the second wettest in the UK since records began, according to the Met Office. It never seems to stop raining here. Other lands though are seeing entire woodlands dry up and die. No one is disputing that this is occurring!


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