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Monday, 13 August 2012

Hedgehogs need wild places - not ignorant councillors... 

I managed to film this little guy last night in my garden. He was just a young one. 

Councils are obsessed with cutting grass and tidying up grassy verges that are full of wild flowers,  etc. Hedgehogs and other species suffer due to this costly and ecologically-destructive process, as they urgently  need wild places to hide and survive. 

The councillors and other over-paid idiots, who draw up the official plans to mow away the wild places have little notion of the damage they do to the environment. Sadly, my town like most others is full of irresponsible politicians making such destructive plans against the fragile ecosystem. 

Clearly education is needed herein. 

So please give a thought for the small creatures when you tidy up the wild spaces in your garden etc.

Your idea of making a pretty, well-kept garden  will not help these little animals one iota!

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