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Saturday, 16 June 2012


It's unknown so it must be 'evil', right? ......Eh no - in fact wrong! 

Have 'you' fallen for the growing fundamentalist ploy that equates aliens with evil yet......? 

Righto folks - a few straight facts for the UFO enthusiast here. 

There is a fundamentalist core out there, which seeks to equate all UFO/Alien - related issue with the alleged bogeymen, i.e. Satan so they can bring in the all singing and dancing Tonic, which is of course their assumed Christian Messiah. 

On numerous websites etc they promote all extraterrestrial contact as ‘evil’ but why? Well in fact this of course is nothing new and this is why anything that is perceived as being unbiblical (e.g. extraterrestrial life forms, herbal medicine, gay rights, horoscopes, pagans, rock music, abortion, etc) is equated by fundamentalists as being negative, evil and dangerous. 

We see the very same thing when freethinkers, who wish to extend their spiritual outlook, experiment with the runes or tarot etc. The old dire church-oriented warnings of hellfire and damnation are never far away. The Church, fearful of ALL spiritual competition, was even critical of John, Paul, George and Ringo (the lads lived up the road from me) when they grew their hair, wore beads and went off to see the Maharishi…

This repressive and unhealthy religious fear of the ‘Unknown’ is something they wish to spread to the rest of us like a clandestine spiritual cancer in order to keep the spiritual monopoly. They always deny this with shrewd excuses but this 'is' the bottom line. 

I know that this smokescreen by fundamentalists, which masks their hidden agenda, must be exposed if mankind is ever to evolve as a successful species into the future!

Christian fundamentalists see the rest of us as being either simply mistaken or Satanically - inspired. 

Alternatively, some us us, in the know, see them as deeply dangerous and brain-washed lunatics that place the world in dire jeopardy...

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