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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fly fishing on wild becks

Secrets of the hidden stream

 At last the new work is finished..

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The wild North Country trout streams of the UK hold a magnetic allure for anglers who love the challenge of these exhilarating places.

Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria all possess lovely watercourses that each new season brings fishermen, both expert and tyro, back time and time again.

Pat Regan the author of: Fly fishing on wild becks, has spent decades perfecting the mysterious craft of the fly-fisher in pursuit of wild brown trout and grayling.
In this book the author shares an intimate, rural knowledge of watercraft and riverside wisdom that is quite unique. This information has been hard-won from years of fishing on wild rivers like the Twiss, Doe, Greta, Hodder, Lune, Yarrow, Wenning and others.
Pat Regan imparts his specialist rural knowledge though a series of straightforward, yet sometimes amusing, accounts of riverside experiences. Flies are discussed in detail and numerous deadly patterns are included, so that the angler can try out Pat’s original dressings.

Pat Regan has taught the art of fly tying at adult education classes and demonstrated at game and country events, Pat also previously won a round of the prestigious Partridge of Redditch, Advanced Fly Dressing Competition. 

Fly fishing on wild becks takes the fly-fisher to the next level and beyond.

Published 2012 by Can Write Will Write at Smashwords

Fly Fishing on Wild Becks

UK Paperback

US Paperback

Fly Fishing on Wild Becks (Kindle edition)

UK Version

US Version

Copyright © Pat Regan 2012

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